Apply to the Multi-stakeholder Forum

The Canadian Open Government Civil Society Network is working with the Canadian government to create a Multi-stakeholder Forum for ongoing dialogue between Government and civil society on open government issues, as part of Canada’s Third Biennial Plan to the Open Government Partnership.

The Multi-stakeholder Forum will provide input and advice to the government on the development and implementation of open government commitments. This group will consist of eight civil society representatives, selected through this open application process, as well as four representatives of Canadian government departments involved in open government activities. At least six stakeholder members must be representatives of not-for-profit organizations registered in Canada. The Canadian Open Government Civil Society Network is calling for nominations of candidates to fill the eight civil society seats on the Forum.


Stakeholder candidates for the Forum must be able to:

  • Engage strategically at the national level, exercising good judgment and engaging effectively with senior government officials and civil society members
  • Canvas and represent the concerns and interests of the Canadian civil society community
  • Champion and articulate core open government ideas and values on the national stage, particularly protecting and promoting engagement of civil society
  • Participate in and add demonstrable value to in-person and virtual Forum meetings and to the working groups of which they are a member
  • Clearly articulate open government issues, and effectively promote open government to the Canadian civil society community

Stakeholder candidates must not be public servants.

Stakeholder candidates should also highlight their experience in civil society and open government issues:

  • Long-term experience in civil society and/or a grounding in national, regional or international civil society networks
  • Experience in at least one area of the Open Government Partnership Declaration (transparency, participation, accountability)

Stakeholder candidates should have the following qualities:

  • Ability to live up to open government principles by practising high levels of openness, integrity and accountability (e.g. disclosure of annual plans, budgets, audited accounts)
  • Ability to dedicate a day a month to the Forum, with intensity increasing around Forum meetings
  • Possess skills that can advance a civil society agenda in the context of current open government challenges
  • Be a thoughtful, good listener, and well-respected within the national or international civil society or policy communities

Nomination Process

Candidates may be nominated by a third party or self-nominated. Candidates must submit their nominations to [redacted].

Nominations must include:

  • A Curriculum Vitae (max 4 pages)
  • A cover letter explaining your (or the candidate you are nominating) a) motivation for joining, b) open government experience and skills, c) demonstrated track record in international or national level leadership, communications and strategy (max 2 pages)
  • One strong example of an article, blog post, piece of writing or video by the candidate that reflects the candidate’s thinking and articulation on open government and civil society issues
  • Two references (names and contact information)

A Selection Committee has been established by the Network’s interim steering committee. This Selection Committee will review the nominations, short-list candidates for interview, and select the members of the Forum. The applications of short-listed candidates will be uploaded in full to the Forum’s public website.

Nominations of candidates for the Multi-stakeholder Forum will close on October 9.

It is anticipated that the Forum will launch at an event in late 2017.